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As this year’s WM Phoenix Open coverage beams aerial footage of green golf courses in the heart of the Valley of the Sun, it is important to know TPC Scottsdale and 22 other north Scottsdale courses use reclaimed water. Furthermore, these courses helped fund the construction and operation of Scottsdale’s Reclaimed Water Distribution System, allowing the city to not only use recycled water for irrigation and to replenish the aquifers, but to keep rates lower for customers.

Reclaimed Water Distribution System

The distribution system is a complex waste system capable of delivering 20 million gallons of non-potable water – not suitable for drinking – each day for turf irrigation. This same water is also used to irrigate the city’s Bell94 Sports Complex and the Scottsdale Sports Complex.

Advanced Treatment Facility

In the non-peak month when the courses do not need their full water allotment, the city further treats the excess water from the Advanced Water Treatment Facility to recharge city aquifer. This allows Scottsdale to increase its water savings and build long-term water sustainability.