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Speak Up for Arizona Golf

Golf is an important part of Arizona’s culture and its economy. It is a driving force behind the state’s real estate and tourism industries, accounting for thousands of jobs and at least $4.6 billion in direct economic impact each year. It plays an important role in the social fabric of our state, connecting friends and family, and creating community. We need your help to keep golf vibrant in Arizona.
Arizona’s golf industry is a national leader in water conservation and environmental stewardship. However, as a desert state, water is always in short supply, and water shortages are in the news regularly. In fact, our elected leaders and policy makers are debating the future of Arizona’s water use right now. The golf industry must be part of both the conversation and the solution. We are prepared to continue doing our part to properly use and manage this precious natural resource. In order to do so, we need the decision makers to know Arizona’s 500,000-plus resident golfers care about the environment as well as the future of our game and industry. This is where you and all your friends can make a difference.
You can help us communicate that message by joining the Arizona Alliance for Golf today. Please ask your playing partners and friends to join as well. Joining is easy and free of charge. Our combined numbers greatly enhance our ability to protect golf. 

The Arizona Alliance for Golf is working to ensure the golf industry presents a united voice and we can with your help. Join us today.