According to a recent report by Rounds Consulting Group, golf significantly drives economics in Arizona where more than 10 million rounds of golf are played each year. Public enthusiasm towards golf and increased accessibility have transformed the sport into an economic engine that few other industries can match.

The impact of golf reaches beyond the confines of the course, and the economic effect is expansive and growing. This is especially true in the state of Arizona, where the industry supports local businesses, creates jobs, drives tourism, has a positive effect on real estate values, and generates significant tax revenues.

Although golf represents less than 3% of Arizona’s water consumption, and 1.3% of CAP water use, the industry will continue to lead and innovate to ensure golf remains one of Arizona’s top economic drivers. The industry represents $4.6 billion of annual economic impact, providing almost $400 million in annual tax revenue, supporting the state’s hospitality industry, employing more than 51,000 Arizonans, and allowing more than 550,000 active Arizona golfers to enjoy the sport.

Key Findings of the 2020 Study: “The Economic Contribution of Arizona’s Golf Industry.”*

  • Arizona’s golf industry generates $4.6 billion in annual economic impact.
  • Golf amounts to less than 3% of statewide water use and 1.3% of Arizona’s CAP water use.
  • 10-plus million total rounds of golf are played in Arizona annually.
  • 10% of Arizonans play golf and more than 550,000 residents are golfers
  • 50,700 Arizona jobs are supported through the golf industry.
  • $1.7 billion in wages are earned through golf industry jobs.
  • $388 million in total state and local tax revenues generated.
  • Arizona’s $2.4 billion in golf real estate sales outpaces non-golf by 17-40%.
  • 200,000 Arizona kids learn life lessons through golf annually.
  • 4 million Arizona visitors played golf during their stay.
  • Golf travelers spend on average 2.9 times more than general tourists.

*Data compiled during a study conducted in December 2020 by Rounds Consulting Group, Inc. titled “The Economic Contribution of Arizona’s Golf Industry.”