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The data and findings found in this report published in April conducted by the American Golf Industry Coalition reflect the fifth study aimed at quantifying the size and scope of the economic impact of the U.S. golf industry.

Key Points:  2022 National Economic Impact Study

A $102 Billion Industry … With Even Bigger Reach
Golf is an incredibly popular recreational activity (roughly 1 in every 7 people participated in 2022 with an economic footprint comprising multiple subindustries (golf courses, retail, construction, tourism, real estate and charity).

Charitable Impact Climbs to $4.6 Billion
Golf has proven to be a tremendous vehicle for fundraising, both through outings and events at local golf courses as well as nationally recognized professional tournaments and events.

Golf Is Growing & Evolving
While the economic impact of the U.S. golf industry has grown by 63% over the past two decades, the game itself is changing and growing as well, with variations like Topgolf adding fun and accessible.

Good for People
Golf delivers value in ways beyond jobs, revenue, taxes, and multiplier effects. Golf is a lifestyle, a community asset, and a positive contributor to physical, mental and social wellness.

Good for the Planet
Golf provides valuable green space, as trees and turfgrass at courses can improve air quality by producing oxygen and trapping pollutants, thus preventing them from reaching groundwater supplies.