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Tiffany Fitzgerald is a young professional who quickly realized the business world loves golf, so she founded the now 4,000-member Black Girls Golf to encourage more women like her to pick up the game.

“Black women make up less than one percent of the golf industry’s workforce, so a huge part of our mission is introducing girls to the career opportunities that are available in golf. And for professional women, there’s so many benefits, including health and wellness,” Fitzgerald says.

As a busy working mom, Fitzgerald also views golf as a healthy way to unplug and unwind in the great outdoors.

“For me, it’s been a huge stress relief, which helps my mental health so much,” Fitzgerald says. “You kind of forget what’s happening in day-to-day life because most golf courses are so beautiful. And nature sometimes can be really serene, and it helps calm you and reduce your stress levels.”