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As a collaborative, innovative leader in the management and delivery of water to central Arizona, the Central Arizona Project (CAP) is at the forefront of water conversations in the Grand Canyon State. As such, The CAP is an authority on water conservation and is designed to enhance the state’s economy and quality of life and ensure sustainable growth for current and future populations of Arizonans. And with water being at the forefront of the news over the past few months, the Arizona Alliance for Golf would like to share recent information presented by the CAP regarding the Drought Contingency Plan (DCP) and what it means – and more importantly doesn’t mean – for golfers in Arizona.

Here are the main takeaways from their recent fact sheet:

  • A Colorado River water shortage does not mean Arizona is in a water crisis.
  • Arizona leads the nation with rigorous water conservation and sustainability laws that protect Arizona water users.
  • The DCP provides a plan for how Arizona cities, agricultural users, industries, tribal nations and others will share Colorado River water supplies during shortages, while honoring the existing priority system.

Also included in the CAP’s report is detailed information on the DCP, what it means to Arizona water users, and regional contributions to Lake Mead.